Will you ever be selling your new zine online?
Dunno, LOL would anyone want any?
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by Wheelbarrow is Fast (6-heures & shingalas)

Self indulgent Free! fancomic. With Stands.

A5 36p

Available at Otakuthon & FanExpo 2014!




excited to finally release this!!! my new persona 4 zine PRESS START is available at otakuthon, august 22 - 24 (THIS WEEKEND)!! i’ll be selling persona flower stickers as well :)

20 pages, 5.5” x 7.5”

please drop by table D357, i’ll be selling there along with coffeefrank! i’ll be selling the rest (and maybe preordering if there’s enough interest) online after the con!

more friend’s things *っ*

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★ Sticker Calendar Set ★

I’m happy to announce a new project eecks & I have been working on! : )

The Sticker Calendar pack comes with..

  • 12 individual month stickers (4”x6”)
  • Side label faces for each month
  • 2 bonus self-cut sticker sheets you can use for taking notes and marking important dates on the calendar!
  • (Also comes with a small instruction sheet)

The month stickers are printed on matte label stock, and can be put on any blank notebook or sketchbook, with however many pages you’d like inbetween each month!

We made a test run and the sets will be available at Fan Expo Toronto (August 28~31) from eecks (A93) and I (A168)! (20$ / set)

Will be online after Fan Expo!

look at what friends made *っ*

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Hey friends,

I was going to bring some shirts to FanEx with me anyway, so I’m tentatively opening preorders. (The ones I’m bringing will be one size only)

(☞゚∀゚)☞ Caffeine☆Powered ☜(°∀゚ ☜)

tomorrow’s last day!

also will be closing Wheelbarrow is Fast tomorrow! Thanks for your continued support :’)

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by Wheelbarrow is Fast (6-heures & shingalas)

Self indulgent Free! fancomic. With Stands.

A5 36p

Available at Otakuthon & FanExpo 2014!

sad graduating pool nerds

for me, rendering is just like murder

sure i’m capable, but i’m not going to do it (ever again)

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in college Mako adopts a cat and calls it Haru by accident all the time

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wake up in the morning afternoon thinking yeah i gotta draw some jocest

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otakuthon is in three weeks!! 


table 394 for sure for sure this time!!! with »>shingalas

it’s the weekend after next jeez!!!

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NagiRei for upcoming project

fuck da lifedrawing police

references from here

We are just children, we can’t save ourselves. But if it means that you can escape from this, I’d even become a monster for you.

Anonyme asked:
can you possibly link us to the company you used? your sweatshirts are hella

I want to make this clear now: as much as I love my supplier, I’m not here to advertise for them, sorry. It’s not that I’m keeping a ‘trade secret’ or anything, please understand!!

Also, I’d rather not be asked off anon either, since it would be inviting my inbox to be flooded.

Again your understanding is VERY VERY APPRECIATED

From this point forth I will be ignoring such asks thank you.

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