Thanks to everyone who came to see me and 6-heures at all the cons this season! (´・ᴗ・`) We’re trying to get rid of all our prints so we’re having a end-of-season sale on all of our 11x17 and 12x18 posters at our storenvy. If you have any special requests for reprints of sold out items, just message me and I’ll see if I can work something out

go go sale ★★★ WHEELBARROW IS FAST ★★★

Any order with 4 JJBA posters/items will get a free sparkly jojo bookmark

//casually reminds everyone we still have some stock left;; lol

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I went to Golden Blood 14 and it was a completely new experience but so funnnn!!! I got cool JoJo doujin loot for me and my friends yey

I drew this for samadessin for helping me get to Big Sight TっT 心から本当にありがとうございました!!

Also got to meet up & hang out with magatsumagic&saph! So nice to wander around with English speakers, even though we didn’t really know what we were doing ~(QuQ)~

Outfit meme tagged by kaiaruuuuu

I didn’t go ANYWHERE this past summer cos I holed myself up drawing comics and stuff day in and day out (slightly regretting that but at least I was super productive haha).

I did end up cycling through  my sweaters a lot, especially for those late night coffee runs, and this past summer was unusually cold.

My kigu was my second skin at home tho. Now, as it’s getting chillier, I’m wearing it to sleep. Someone said they liked my “pajamas” hahaha.

Likewise, I didn’t go anywhere special… except like conventions and stuff? Most of the time I wore just whatever, but on the longest day I tended to wear my galaxy seifuku, so that’s special… I guess?

(gosh my lines are super wavy… not used to brush pen at all….)

I tag goldxperience akimiya and idk, whoever else wants to LOL

a redesign to help me pretend i’m being productive

but tbh these colours are too vibrant for him sob

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Sorry if I’m not very sociable at FanExpo….

So yeah, when artists don’t talk much it doesn’t mean they hate you, it’s probably a lot of work to look like a human being even though they don’t feel like one anymore ><

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by Wheelbarrow is Fast (6-heures & shingalas)

Self indulgent Free! fancomic. With Stands.

A5 36p

Available at Otakuthon & FanExpo 2014!



postcards to go with the books!!

Me & shingalas will be at Fan Expo all 4 days at table A126!!!

We will have more IWATOBI IS NOT CRASH, which I am actually in the middle of putting together RN….

See you tomorrow!!!

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by Wheelbarrow is Fast (6-heures & shingalas)

Self indulgent Free! fancomic. With Stands.

A5 36p

Available at Otakuthon & FanExpo 2014!

sad graduating pool nerds

for me, rendering is just like murder

sure i’m capable, but i’m not going to do it (ever again)

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in college Mako adopts a cat and calls it Haru by accident all the time

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wake up in the morning afternoon thinking yeah i gotta draw some jocest

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otakuthon is in three weeks!! 


table 394 for sure for sure this time!!! with »>shingalas

it’s the weekend after next jeez!!!

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NagiRei for upcoming project

fuck da lifedrawing police

references from here