take a smoke break and chill out man


YES i decided this was worth posting

i had a lot of fun putting my friend yesoksure's super cute rock lee sticker all over my friends' art!! (artist urls are in the captions so go check out their awesome stuff if you haven't already)

please enjoy the puns i worked very hard

look at LEE being cute ah

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Urbance animated project is now on Kickstarter.

this is so stylish pls support wah

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you know how when your ma is cold and she tells you to put on more clothes even though you’re not cold? well i’m doing the same to these kids here

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Anonyme asked:
omg i totally love you style!!! you have tutorial or something?? i really want to see a video of your art process!! omg yes. ok bye u.u

thank you! i don’t have a tutorial or anything but if i remember correctly i have some older livestream recordings you can access from here but they’re real time and not very informative lol….

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saucegay posing like dio

sukeban jolynes

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ダンボールのない猫は本物の猫じゃない screentone ver.

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for it to grow

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inktober 9

did you know nakano broadway is a nerd’s paradise and for the sake of your wallet’s health you should never ever go

stripes and gradient screentone makoto

inktober 8

i’m going to nap and then wake up to go eat!

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inktober 7

i’m surprised i’m keeping up with it ( ´ ~ ` ✿) anyway, new colours i thought i might try

(edit for poor english)

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inktober 6

the few minutes when you wake up and you don’t know where exactly you are, you make a decision whether to exist in the dream world or the real world

(i made the wrong decision today ^q^)

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"please stop raining! i want to go home!"

(i never realized how much i can actually sleep until it started raining 24h non-stop ^q^ well, now it’s stopped i can go out!! and get food, maybe)

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